1888 - 1946

Shri Govindramji Seksaria was born in Nawalgarh in the erstwhile state of Jaipur on 19th October 1888. Orphaned at an early age of 16, he was faced with the challenge of looking after a large family and a not too prosperous business. He came to Bombay in the early 1900’s and started his business under the name and style of Messrs. Govindram Seksaria.

India was then under British rule and the environment was not conducive for Indians to conduct their businesses. There was an obvious lack of support and encouragement from the government, planning for growth was risky, and to progress was both difficult and hazardous. Almost all key industries were owned or managed by foreign firms who had the full support of the government.

It was in such an uncertain business and industrial climate that he started his career as a cotton trader in Bombay. Within a span of few years, his firm was accepted to membership of the Cotton Contract Board formed by the government, and later it became an original member of the East India Cotton Association. Shri Govindramji Seksaria became a name of consequence in the cotton market and came to be known as the ‘Cotton King’.

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